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Cap Mould PET Preform Mould Blowing Mould Commodity Mould Supporting machinery

24-cavity juice cap mould with hot runner

24-cavity juice cap mould with hot runner

Xintian can supply:

Mineral water cap mould,beverage can mould,5 gallon cap mould,theft proof cap mould,shampoo cap mould,different kinds of oil mould,sport cap mould,cosmetics cap mould,wine cap mould

Produce over 72 cavities cap mould.We could supply the mould not only in hot runner but also in cold runner

The right choice,guaranteed:

The design of hot runner is reasonable and advanced,single point temperature control of each cavity,uniformity heating.

Each acvity and core use the independence cool system,improve the production efficiency.

Adopting the High quality steel,rigidity of the main parts must be reach HRC60,long performance life.

Hot runner of moulds is used PID control systems,with automatic copmensation,automatic protection,extending the performance life of electric heater.

Adapted to your product:

After years’ development and innovation,we apply the most perfect craft work of hot runner in injection field to cap mould production in order to decrease productioncost,improve quality and achieve automatic productioin.

The mould is made by high quality steel.

The mould is designed with 3D modeling software.

Various cotainer designs for option.

Reliable hard chrome plated.

Proper cooling channel design and leakage proof.

All of the parts are manufactured with CNC equipments.

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